Beating Reality

12:01 PM

This is the first follow up to Realizing Reality.

One month later and not much has changed.

I haven't lost anymore weight, but I've been working extraordinarily hard.

I learned that I really have to watch my calories. By this I mean that I probably wasn't eating enough to begin with, so now I make sure I eat every two to three hours. Basically, I eat when Michael eats. And I have to balance. I try not to over do it at one point and then under do it at another.

This is tougher than I thought.

Michael is #1... this means that if my tummy has to be a little flabby for a while so he can grow one, then so be it.


I thought that "but" should just stand on its own so I could emphasize it.

Here it is:

I'm not just giving in. I'm still working to get my body back, or at least improve my "new" one.

My Christmas present is a membership to a gym and a couple of meetings with a personal trainer. I'm lucky because this trainer gave me a little price cut because he's a prior Marine and my husband is in the Marine Reserves.

So, I met with him yesterday for the first time. I told him what I wanted. He made some notes. The only thing sore today, surprisingly, are my shoulder muscles. I thought it would be worse, because yesterday I really felt like I was working it.

I guess I'm in better shape than I thought.

I'm meeting again with him tomorrow, and possibly the following Monday.

The most recent pictures I have of myself are from Halloween (see Dear Great Pumpkin). Check back soon and I'll post some from this coming weekend when we attend my brother in-law's boot camp graduation. I promise I won't wimp out and not post any.

I'm not going to just accept my brand "new" body and give in. I still intend on working out to make the best of my new curves and stretched-out parts. I'm working on making our meals more balanced and as healthy as possible. I'm working on giving myself more time and patience. Even if I have to go beyond the 9 month mark to get into shape, I still intend on getting into shape.

Have any goals you're having a hard time achieving? Share with me! We all need support.

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  1. Emily -

    I want to do at least two watercolors a week [so eventually I can sell them :) ] but with Danny's work schedule and Lorelei's needs, we haven't gotten around to the "Cheryl art time." Not as physically challenging as working out, but it's emotionally challenging to not have that me time right now.

    Have you tried Power Bars? The chocolate and peanut butter one is amazing, has 46% of your protein [which you need more of while breastfeeding] Very filling - it's my breakfast or lunch nearly every day. Cliff bars are good too.

    Check out the book "After the baby's birth... a woman's way to wellness" by Robin Lim. Has a nutritional guide, and other helpful info for us postpartum chicas.
    With love,