Backyard Camping

6:00 AM

While Clark was home he really wanted to do some camping. Since we weren't quite sure how Michael would act, we decided to test the waters in the backyard first. The other reason for this? It is already way too hot. Odds are, real camping won't happen until fall.

Michael loved being in the tent, as long as the "door" was open so he could see outside. He waited patiently anxiously excitedly for it to get dark outside and the stars to come out. We passed the time with s'mores and books. Granted, the s'mores didn't have roasted marshmallows. Nonetheless, Michael was a big fan.

We had a wonderful time. Once it was dark and Michael was getting sleepy, though, he requested to go inside. We didn't fight him. It was eight o'clock and over eighty outside. We'll try "serious" camping in the fall, but this will always be remembered as his first-- and mama's favorite.

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