Chicken Stew cures all!

6:19 PM

I have not had a very pleasant week. Unfortunately, sickness has finally caught me and I've been dragged down by an awful cold. It flares and falls throughout the day, but in the end always catches up with me. I've been stuffed, coughing, and weary since Sunday evening. It definitely doesn't help my pregnancy fatigue!

Today I made it through my whole school day. This is definitely saying something, since I go from 9:30am to 5:30pm. I was dying. I came home to find dinner set and ready, prepared by my wonderful husband. He has a specific speciality that always shows itself when I'm sick: his homemade chicken stew.

I have to admit. This is one thing that he makes better than me. Of course, this could possibly be because I've never made it. He makes the stew completely from scratch and always throws something new in there. Today, apparently, he used a whole chicken to give it extra flavor. He used red peppers, carrots, celery, and red potatoes as the veggies. I know nothing about the spices, though. He refuses to share his secret.

Now, normally this chicken stew is served by itself or with easy-to-make bisquick biscuits. Today, however, since there was no bisquick, Clark made biscuits from scratch! He did use a recipe, thanks to the Better Homes Cook Book, but that is far more than I've ever done with biscuits! They are something I have yet to really work on, and he beat me to the punch!

So, after an amazing meal of homemade stew and biscuits, my nose may not be clear... but I am DEFINITELY feeling better!

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