Celebrating September

10:01 AM

Happy September!

To me, September has always marked the beginning of autumn. I know that it's not "officially" autumn until September 22nd or something like that, but the month itself seems to represent this time of year to me. By "this time of year" I mean: pumpkins, leaves changing, sweaters, hot apple cider, apple and pumpkin pie, perfect weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, being outdoors, etc. I LOVE fall. But, if you've read my other posts, you know I truly love every season. I just can't help it. They all offer something special.

Last September I was excited to be in the last fall semester of my college career. I was focused on papers and reading and all that jazz. (Last September we visited Boone Hall in Charleston, SC.)

This September has a lot to offer. Not only will Clark and I be celebrating our four year anniversary, but my husband is in his first fall semester where he's actually attending classes. Not only is he worried about papers and reading and projects, he's worried about work and the upcoming arrival of his son. He has A LOT on his plate. (This is from two weeks ago, but I'm sure you see the difference between last year and this year!)

Now, of course, we are looking forward to, worrying about, and anticipating the upcoming arrival of our first child. We're down to the last three weeks when the little one could truly be making an appearance at any time. It really puts things into perspective.

I've been trying to find the best ways to celebrate this month. Normally I would start decorating the house in fall decor and setting out all the sweaters that have been in hiding since March or so. While I still intend on doing that, I've been more focused on making sure the baby has some cute outfits washed and ready and I have ideas of things we can do with him this fall.

Now, I know I'm jumping the gun. Newborns are newborns, and I keep reminding myself that he'll really be too little to remember or enjoy this autumn. However, I'm determined not to be a recluse and just stay inside and miss the season. After all, we have much more to be thankful for this fall than we have before.

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