Organizing the closet.

11:21 AM

For the past two weeks my mom was staying with us helping in whatever way she could. One of the main things she did was help me realize how much stuff we've had just lying around. With a new baby in the apartment, and everything that comes with him, this was not ok. So, we went on a trip to Target and a trip to Walmart to help us de-clutter and make life much easier.

We started with our closet.

Itso Cube in White from Target
These cubes stack and store things in a wonderful fashion. You can buy a shelf to go in it also if you want to organize your things even more. I bought two of these (thus far) to go on my closet shelf. One contains purses and scarves, the other summer shoes and belts I presently don't need. But I don't just put things in the bins.

Itso Large Polka Dot Bin from Target
I bought two of these to go in the bins to make my organizers even cuter. They also come in different colors and sizes to accommodate your taste and needs!

From Walmart we got a step stool so I could get to the bins with ease! We also bought pants hangers that hold about five pairs each to clear some of the shelf space, and a hanging shoe holder for the back of the closet door.

Now I can actually find what I need, reach things without jumping or climbing onto our washer or dryer, and walk into the closet without tripping on shoes!

Of course... we've had problems beyond the closet, but I'll write about that later.

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