Moving with Michael

2:42 PM

Oh, yes we did.

We moved... again!

Needless to say this past week + one day has been hectic. We were moving into our new place, Clark started classes again, Michael had a doctor's appointment... the works.

And we're still living in a state of turmoil.

A lot of people I know are still going through moving changes. Two of our dearest friends (who just happen to be married) just moved to Washington State and are attempting to unload all of their things. My older sister told me that she and her husband still don't have all their things together in their house that they've now lived in for, I believe, a year or more.

Moving is hard. It doesn't matter who you are.

My husband and I kept playing off this move like it was no big deal. We literally moved right around the corner, so we kept saying we could walk boxes and things over and it wouldn't take longer than a day.

We were wrong.

I also thought it would be a lot easier to help move with Michael than it was when I was pregnant.

I was wrong.

We didn't pack things up enough so when the time came Clark kept making trips back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, loading and unloading, loading and unloading, loading and unloading.

Where was I, you ask? I was where ever the most furniture was sitting with Michael, lying with Michael, playing with Michael, walking with Michael. I was taking care of Michael.

I was of NO use.

I mean, I kept the baby entertained and happy, but I was of no use helping with the back and forth or loading and unloading. At least when I was pregnant I could do some light lifting and could easily unpack boxes. Clark was just needed to move the heavy stuff like furniture. This time? It's been an even bigger challenge.

So, our house is still packed with boxes. It's still a matter of shuffling piles from one room to the next until they dwindle down and you realize everything has been strategically placed in the right room, and then you can move forward in arranging, organizing, and cleaning.

I have to give my husband props. He's been doing 90% of the moving work. I have been doing 90% of the baby work. A fair trade, I'd say.

Michael is a little high maintenance. When I say this I am referring to his need and desire to be held. When it comes to life, he seems to be completely laid back and easy going (something he definitely gets from his father). He just goes with the flow.

But if you try to put him down when he's asleep, or when he's almost asleep, or when he wants to play-- WATCH OUT! The boy has lungs.

Both of our families have observed that it would be hard to have a baby that just won't be put down. At first he would be put down in his swing. He LOVED his swing. But ever since we returned from our Christmas vacation, it hasn't been the biggest hit.

I've started trying to lie down to feed him and leave him there to nap... but he won't have it. He wakes up instantly and starts crying. My sister put it as, "Mummy, I woke up, and you weren't there, and I was frightened, and I didn't know what to do...." The "ands" in his cries refer to his squeaks, which happens to be his nickname my sister gave him as well.

The really upset cries come from when I put him down and he doesn't want to be down, or I'm trying to change his diaper when he clearly wants something to eat, or I'm trying to feed him and he just wants to go to sleep without nursing. Or if I stop walking, thinking he's fallen asleep, and I come to find out he hasn't.

Anyway, what this all is leading back to is the fact that all I have been able to do with our move is small things here and there when a miracle happens and I am able to put our child down for a moment.

And, to answer a question that may be on some of your minds, no, I am not a fan of the "crying out" method. Read this article and this articleif you are or think you are. Perhaps it will help change your mind.

So, here's the big "but".


I am SO happy to be in a bigger place.

Michael will have his own room (on the off chance that he actually begins sleeping in his crib), and we have that much more space. We have hardwood floors which will force us to keep them cleaner, not to mention it will be a bit healthier for us because our dog's hair won't shed into carpet. I have a bigger kitchen, room for a bookshelf or two, and so much more.

Another thing we've realized (or at least I have) is that our next move will be close to our final move (we hope). In that case we only intend to bring our good stuff with us, and have a huge yard sale to get rid of the things that we've bought as "filler furniture and accessories" for the multiple apartments, condos, duplexes, and houses we've occupied in our almost five years of marriage.

Well, that's all for now folks. Have any moving stories to share? I'm all ears! I'm hoping my next post will be a new recipe!

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