Rumparooz Cloth Diapers

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When we were visiting my family in Kansas for Christmas, my older sister and beautiful niece were there (my brother in-law sadly had to work). My older sister had told me she had switched to cloth diapers to save money. To me it just kind of sounded silly, to be perfectly honest, the first time we talked about it. I imagined her folding/pinning the old fashioned way.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Come to find out that you can save anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 if you switch to cloth diapers. Not to mention it's really not that much more work. The kind she was talking about do not require folds and pins. They are pre-designed and only require snaps or velcro. However, if you have a weak stomach when it comes to poop... they may not be the best idea.

So, after getting the 411 on how they work and Katie (my older sister) showing me them, I started to ponder the idea of switching.

When Clark, Michael and I returned to Fayetteville, NC (where Clark's parents live), we visited a fabulous little baby boutique that carried the precise brand (as well as Bum Genius and a few others) that Katie uses. We decided to buy a couple and give them a try.

Our first night home, we put one on Michael thinking it would last him through the night and we'd get an idea of just how efficient they are.

But what does Michael do as soon as that cloth diaper was securely fastened on his adorable little bottom?

He poops.

And I don't mean he just pooped. He pooped A LOT. A few days worth, since he tends to go on poop strikes and let loose two, sometimes three, sometimes five days later.

Clark was not ready for a poopy cloth diaper. So I faced the challenge.

I must say I was and am impressed.

It was not that bad to have to rinse it and scrub a little to prevent staining. It was so much easier to clean Michael since the cloth had absorbed his mess.

I'm in love.

Not with his poopy diaper, but with the cloth diapers :).

And so is Michael.

I don't know how to explain it, but he seems to love the cloth diapers. After all, can you imagine wearing a diaper all day? It doesn't seem to me like they would be very comfortable.

However, if it came down to it, I can't say I'd object to Rumparooz.

They come in all different colors and prints, and the site has some great information. Just check it out. You may be persuaded!

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  1. Wow. this must be a re-emerging trend or something because you are like the sixth mom my age who has mentioned this to me. Do you have to wash the cloth diapers immediately after or do you have some sort of bin?

  2. I'm just getting into it, but Katie kept them separate from her other clothes/such in a bag when we were in Kansas. I think we're going to buy a separate laundry hamper for them. You typically are doing an extra load of laundry at least every other day, but I really think it's worth it!

  3. I am just getting used to it too- especially the diaper sprayer =) But I agree- the rumparooz cloth diapers have cute patterns and work really well =)