6/52, 7/52, 8/52

5:00 AM

I said this at the end of January, and I'll say it again now that it's the end of February:

How is this year going by SO FAST already?

There. I'm done now.

Not really, though. Odds are, I'll say the same thing at the end of every month. Because the faster time goes by, the more and more I realize just how much my boys... and my husband...and I'm growing up.

Can it just stop already?

I want time to stand still. I never understood it. Like everyone, I was in such a hurry to grow up. Now I'm in a hurry for my boys to stay small.


Michael plays flag football with Dada.

Levi conquers the bouncer, with a cold.


Levi explores the water table in the Arizona "winter".

Michael becomes a teenager at age four in Batman pajamas.


Papa, Marmee, Michael, and Levi act silly at the zoo.

I hope my parents don't kill me for that last picture. It's pretty much my favorite all time, since they're making the same face and Michael is looking AT the camera and Levi is just hangin' out enjoying a french fry.

I love my life.

Welcoming March with a good attitude! Bring it on.

Practising Simplicity's 52 project

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