Easter Countdown Activity

5:00 AM

Happy March 1st!

We are all about countdowns this year. It keeps Michael focused, busy... and from asking how many days it is until the next holiday. After our Valentine's Day Countdown was such a success, I was assured that it would pretty much work with everything. And while I realize St. Patrick's Day is BEFORE Easter... Easter is so early this year it just had to be the priority.

Plus, we got to work on more counting this way. We did up to 14 with Valentine's Day, and now we made it all the way up to 27. Woooooooooo!

Can you sense my excitement? I hope so!

I scoured the wonderful world of Pinterest for some ideas and printable. After all, we aren't all meant to be amazing at that sort of thing... and I knew that other moms before me would have had it ready at hand.

Laziness? Maybe. Resourcefulness? Absolutely.

Sure enough, I found a countdown that I love. It's called THE JOY JOURNEY (follow the link), and came with some an adorable printable that allowed us 20 days of ideas and service projects for this amazing season.

That did leave a problem though, as you may have noticed. I wanted to countdown from today to Easter, which is 27 days. Not 20.

In order to not create any confusion in Michael with counting down, I looked some more to find some Bible verses to filter in the 20 days of activities so we could have a few days of rest. After all, we aren't guaranteed to accomplish something every.single.day. before Easter.

Even I'm not THAT crazy.

After searching, I found THESE.

Michael colored and cut them all out, and I honestly didn't pay attention to which seven made it into our eggs.

Oh, that's the next part.

After coloring, cutting, and numbering-- we made a game out of this.

Michael matched the numbers he wrote to the numbers I wrote on our Easter eggs.

He had so much fun filtering and arranging and all that jazz. It was a wonderful, educational, time-consuming activity.

And, let's be real, those are the best.

Michael has already called me out on writing the numbers on the eggs wrong, since the eggs are now upside down... but whatever. They still serve their purpose, am I right?

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