Baby on the Brain!

8:16 AM

At 7:39pm mountain time on May 30, 2011 (Memorial Day), my older sister gave birth to Maile (pronounced Miley-- it's the Hawaiian spelling) Elizabeth! She was two weeks early but healthy as can be and the entire family is doing well. My mom was able to make it out there just an hour before Maile came into the world. It was a very special day.

Hearing the story of how Maile came into the world, it got me thinking that I only have a few months to go before I have a story somewhat like it.Now, I sincerely hope I'm not in labor for 24 hours like my sister was, but one can only hope and pray. I am, however, sincerely looking forward to having the admiration and love that my sister and her husband have for their little girl. Only, it will be for mine and my husband's little boy.

Putting everything into perspective, I've just been praying that all will fall into place and everything will be ready for our baby boy. I pray that he'll be healthy, that there will be no complications with delivery, and that he'll come when the time is right. There is a lot going on in our lives right now, but the idea that we're about to have this small human being join us in a matter of months is what really takes the spotlight. The baby is the reason for my strange posts/bursts of worry and concern. After all, there are so many changes that have to take place before he gets here!

My sister told me that every mother understands. That once the baby's "here", you would go through the pains of labor and all the problems in the world again and again just to accomplish the feeling of parenthood and to hold that child in your arms. I can't wait for the feeling. It's what I keep focusing on when things are looking grim or like they're not going to work out.

So, just to make this post seem like it has a little more than a revelation of a mother-to-be and the fabulous news surround my new niece, here's a list of just a couple of things that you will need if your baby arrives early (according to my sister):

- Car Seat (this is a BIG one)/ Stroller (they make those new travel systems that come with the stroller and the car seat if you're interested)
- Bassinet or Crib (basically somewhere for the baby to sleep once you bring him/her home)
- A few onesies (just to start, but I imagine you'll need more than just a few once he/she starts growing)
- Diapers & all that goes with them (I wouldn't suggest getting these until the baby arrives and you know what size he/she needs, but just keep in mind the hubby or whoever you have helping you will need to get them before the little bundle of joy joins you at home)

There are plenty of other things, but these are the bare necessities. You don't need bottles unless you're not going to breast feed, you don't need toys in the very beginning, you don't have to have a swing or seat or anything (even though they may be useful), you just need enough to get the baby settled and then you can go out and get the rest of the things that you feel like you should have for baby!

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