Eight Months Old!

9:12 AM

I'm pretty sure I start all of these posts the exact same way. Well, Michael is eight months old!

The fact that my niece is turning one this month and Michael is next in line is a scary thing.

A few days ago we had to take Michael to the doc (nothing serious, PTL!) and he weighed 17 pounds! No wonder my back/shoulder are starting to feel sore quicker when he's in the sling these days.

Michael is on the move (if you couldn't tell from the picture)! Not only is rolling over a breeze now, but we're doing the low-crawl, or Army-crawl... whatever you want to call it. He hasn't quite pulled himself up to his hands and knees, but I can tell we're close.No more turning my head for a moment or leaving him in one spot and expecting him to hold still. No, sir. He's moving with energy and there's no stopping him!

Michael's favorite toys are his ring toss, Mama or Dada's keys, Mama's small camera, and Dada's phone... as well as just about any piece of paper of something we do not want him to get a hold of. And he LOVES being outside.

Favorite foods are sweet potatoes, carrot mixed with applesauce, and mango. He is also loving the new rice crackers we bought him (Parent's Choice we found at Wal-mart). He's starting to really love anything he can hold on his own. Did I mention we got him his own Camelbak?
He either smacks his lips, clicks his tongue, or says "baba" when he wants BM, his Camelbak, or any sort of food.

His new favorite thing to do when he's mad or upset? He keeps yelling, "DADADADADA" or "NANANANANA" as loud as he can until he gets your attention.

We are also in a "stranger danger" time. He's very curious when it comes to other people and other things. He'll be very intrigued until they get too close, in which case he starts crying or yelling.

Naps are now anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours long. When we come back from my little sister's high school graduation we will start trying to move the naps to the crib. I must confess, though, my hurry to move him to his crib at night has slowed. I've realized I really love our night time cuddles. Plus he eats the most at night; for now it's still much easier for us to continue co-sleeping.

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