Home, Sweet Home!

3:53 PM

We are back! Michael and I had safe travels to, around, and from Kansas. It was an amazing visit and I'm so thankful I got to be there for my little sister's high school graduation. It's hard to believe that she went to four different high schools and still achieved a 3.9(something) GPA.

So, now that we're back, I've realized a few things.

1. My husband is one of the messiest persons I know. (Seriously. I do not know HOW ON EARTH our house was dirtier when I came home than it was when I left. I mean, I do, but I don't know how it go AS dirty as it did.) But, to go along with that, I missed him a bunch.

2. I LOVE visiting with family. Clark and I are talking more and more about moving West and I have to admit it makes me happy. There are some times I want to stay in NC, and other times that I'm ready to "get the hell out of dodge", if you pardon the expression.

3. It was so much easier to have a mobile baby at my parent's house than it is in our duplex. This takes into account how dirty it is. I'm ashamed to tell you that Michael was crawling on our hardwood floors in a white onesie and I had to change him because of the accumulated dog hair and dirt. Needless to say I already made time to vacuum and mop, even though I had planned on simply relaxing today.

4. Whoever said animals can't grasp how much time has passed didn't have loving pets. Luna and Coconut have been mauling me ever since I got home. As we speak one is on my lap and the other is at my feet (while Michael is babbling and crawling around his floor playing with all of his toys).

5. I hate unpacking.

I promise recipes, a book review, and some stories in the next few days! I know I'm behind this month and promise to catch up as quickly as I can!

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  1. Welcome back! I always say moms need a holiday after the holiday because of all the work of unpacking and cleaning once your home. :)

  2. Glad you're back! Have been missing your blog posts!