Iced Coffee

8:57 AM

When the weather warms up it's hard to not want nice, cool drinks. The funny thing is you really don't have to head to your nearest coffee shop if you want iced coffee, you can just make it at home!


- Left over coffee (From your morning; just make a little extra and leave it in the pot for a while until you're wanting another caffeine fix... or make coffee and let it sit and cool.)
- Coffee Creamer (You can do half and half if you just like it plain, or a flavored coffee creamer, or you can add chocolate syrup... whatever you want to do to give it flavor!)
- Coffee Cubes (these are not pictured, but make ice cubes with your leftover coffee as well to make the iced coffee stronger)


-Fill your glass with ice to the rim. This is where you would bring in your coffee cubes as well. I would say use half regular and half coffee (again, not pictured, but it's what I've done before).

- Fill your glass about 2/3 to 3/4 full with coffee (I did about half and then added the rest after the creamer because I didn't have coffee cubes and it distributed a little better that way).

- Add as much creamer as you like. If you're adding syrup, I would suggest to make sure to really mix it well.

- Ta-Dah! You have your homemade iced coffee.

*Another way to mix this up is to pour the coffee, creamer, and more ice cubes into a drink mixer and shake it REALLY well to make it even colder. This is what I do at home but since I'm visiting family at the moment (and they don't have a drink mixer) I had to do it differently.

Enjoy your coffee!

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