#TBT: Gettysburg

6:00 AM

My family is full of history nuts. Probably because we were instilled with a love for it when we were very little. Anywhere we lived, we'd be taking road trips to any historical site possible. Lighthouses to battlefields to national parks, we've definitely seen it all. Don't even get me started with when my parents were living in Germany.

This picture comes to you from, I think, 1998 or 1999. Couldn't you tell? We were on a family trip to Gettysburg with some amazing family friends (the ones behind the camera, Tony and Bev).

The one standing on the pillar with the rockin' glasses, blue shirt, Tevas, and camera... that'd be me. I love this picture of my family because it's pretty much classic of everyone. The other rarity is that my older sister looks as though she was still taller than me at this point. (Love ya, KK!) My little sister looks like she's about to get in trouble. And my parents are just adorable. Even though my mom is a little overshadowed, she also has the classic camera hanging around her neck. If anyone wonders where we ladies get our love for taking pictures... blame her.

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