How does your garden grow?

6:00 AM

Happy First Day of Spring!

When we moved into our rental, the first thing we noticed was our backyard was more dirt than grass. You may recall my previous post that touched on this.

Well, when Clark was home we decided we needed to change a few things. I told him I needed something to do since Michael and I were spending countless hours outside. So to Lowe's we went. We got a lime tree to plant, some flowers, and then my sister gave me sunflower seeds from her own harvest to plant. We also designated an area for Michael's garden. He picked out strawberries and lettuce to grow. (I'm doubting he'll even eat the lettuce.)

But the first evening after planting Clark experimented with our sprinkler system, and we were a bit afraid he had drowned everything. The waiting has been rather horrible. BUT GUESS WHAT?! The lettuce is beginning to grow in Michael's garden, and five of my sunflowers have broken ground. Still no sign of the strawberries, or the rest of my sunflowers... I'm staying hopeful!

I never thought I had a green thumb, but I love having the task of taking care of my garden daily. Michael won't let me forget, either, seeing as how his favorite thing to do every day is get his watering can (thanks, Target) and water his little garden.

The great thing about Arizona (WOO HOO, a positive!) is that we can keep our plants going all year round. The hibiscus can be planted in the ground and, odds are, by the time my sunflowers actually start to bloom, I can keep them blooming year round.

Oh. In case you were wondering. Our grass situation is still on the dirt side of things. We should be planting grass in about a month, something I am looking forward to very impatiently!

I should mention that when my mom was here, she said, "You need flowers."

Yeah. She was right.

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