"See You There" in Arizona

6:00 AM

One reason I'm so thankful for our move is we're clearly in a prime spot for family to visit right now. I mean, they're all facing snow... and here we are in our own little oasis.

At the end of February/beginning of March my sister from See You There and her family came to visit. We had the best time possible. I'm so thankful Michael is going to grow up being BFF's with his cousin, Maile.

Sadly, the only group picture we got was at the zoo, and my scanner is being dumb. But I promise, my sister was there. I can prove it, because she took all these pictures except the one of me and Maile.

We had a lot of adventures, but my favorite was definitely the baseball game. We saw the SF Giants play the Arizona Diamondbacks, and let's just say the Giants may have some new fans.

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