Some *Golden* News

5:00 AM

When I shared my labor story the other day (or rather my false alarms story), what I didn't mention was receiving an email is what convinced me to go to the hospital.

No, I'm not crazy. Yes, I'm completely totally almost serious.

Let me explain.

My CP and BFF Nikki said she was certain that once I went into labor, I would get an offer from a literary agent. And when my contractions were still going, I got an email from Jessica S. of Golden Wheat Literary asking me a lot of questions about my manuscript (BROKEN BEYOND THE MEADOW) and asked if I had any other projects.

Jessica had favorited a pitch of mine during #PitMad in March, and by the end of the month had requested my full. Although she had technically found me, I had been planning on querying her if she didn't find my tweets/pitches during #PitMad. While I was in pain, I had a momentary, "THIS IS IT!" moment.

Once Levi was born, Jessica tweeted me and told me not to worry about the email. But, I mean, I was way too excited to listen to her.

Never mind that I just gave birth, I had an agent asking some very intriguing questions! So, after coming home from the hospital, I emailed her almost immediately.

Ok, ok... it was something like 72 hours after or something like that.

Annnnnyyyyyyway. It wasn't that long at all before she emailed me back and told me she was interested in representing me.

I. Flipped. Out.

 photo The-Perks-of-Being-a-Wallflower_zpsck858ol3.gif

As did my husband, my mom (who was in town), Nikki (over the phone), and just about everyone else that I told. I was over the moon. But, of course, I had to go through a phone call first.

I have to admit, talking to Jessica was the best part. We really seemed to click. Even though she kept telling me she was rambling, it made me even more excited because I could tell she was just as enthusiastic about my book as I was. We talked for over an hour, and when it was done I wanted to accept her on the spot.

But I had other agents to notify. So I asked for a week to decide, and then I got to work. The time seemed to drag as I waited to hear from other agents and talked to other clients of Jessica's. All her clients sang praises, but still I waited. After praying about it, talking about it with my husband/CP/family/close friends, and going through one other call, a few rejections, and an email offer...I was even more sure in my initial decision.

 photo 96781-anna-excited-gif-imgur-frozen-j9hv_zpseqmsrekv.gif

It's very surreal to realize that all this actually happened. As an author, I have definitely dreamed of the day I would get to accept representation. And now that day has come! All I can say is I am truly humbled and feel so blessed by this opportunity.

So here's the official announcement:

I am now represented by Jessica Shmeidler of Golden Wheat Literary.

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  1. Hooray!!! So happy to have you as an agency sister!

    1. Same here, Rebecca! I'm so glad we get to go through this exciting/scary/wonderful process together under Jessica's amazingness!