levi: one month

5:00 AM

Little Levi was born on June 8th, and since then has been nothing but joy. While it feels like it's just been a few days, we had to take him in for his one-month check up. Little man has grown two inches (now 21.5), put on a pound (plus more if you can't weight lost in the hospital: now 8lbs, 13oz), and is on track developmentally. He smiled for the first time on July 4th which was way too exciting, and is now starting to really take in the world around him. He absolutely loves his big brother Michael, who returns the affection. Michael cannot walk by his baby brother without giving him a kiss, and is worried if he's in the swing or sling for too long. He will also try to sing to Levi if he's screaming crying in the car, which melts my heart like you would not believe. And though Levi still prefers being held over being put down, we don't mind one bit taking turns cuddling him.

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