levi turns one

5:00 AM

I realize that this is very late coming, considering Levi turned one over two months ago. However, in the spirit of giving myself grace, I decided to still share some excellent pictures and facts about Levi that apply to him around June 8, 2016.

Prepare for an overwhelming amount of pictures.

We first celebrated Levi's birthday in a local park with family friends & coworkers of Clark's. It was very fun... except the high was 117 and by the time we rolled out the cake and candle Levi was ready for a nap. But then, what are first birthday parties but to snap some pictures, enjoy some company, and show off your baby... am I right?

We call Levi, "Mouse" as a nickname, so we did If You Give A Mouse A Cookie which was a lot of fun. We had way too much food, most of which melted in the heat, but everyone enjoyed it-- and that's what counts!

On Levi's actual birthday, we woke up early (per usual) and went downstairs. He was a little overwhelmed by all that he saw, but once he realized he got to rip the presents open he had way too much fun doing it. He also had no problem letting his big brother know that they were his.

Right around his birthday Levi officially started walking. Much like his big brother (who took his first true steps on his first birthday), Levi started cruising around (semi) gracefully just five days before his big day. He weight 18lbs exactly on his birthday, and was 27.75 inches long. Lover of cheese, grazing, putting everything in his mouth, and a bit on the small side-- this is why we lovingly call him "Mouse." (It has NOTHING to do with the fact that he's grown into his ears and made squeaky noises as communication when he was itty-bitty...or does it?)

On his birthday Levi:

- had six teeth (molars coming in-- this is still true)

- loves: climbing on the dishwasher, toys that make noise, bubba (Michael), mama and dada, clapping, playing "chase"

- first word: dada
- words he says/said clearly: this, that, ball, mama, dada, cheese, up, juice, nana, out

- favorite songs: if you're happy and you know it & what does the fox say
- favorite foods: tuna, bananas, snap pea crisps, cheese, spaghetti, black beans, Lima beans.
- favorite book: Baby Lit Books' Treasure Island

He's already grown so much since his birthday. I'm not sure my heart can handle it.

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