Three Months Old!

1:32 PM

So, our supposed *surprise* Christmas present was discovered when my mother called it and our photographer posted the pictures on Facebook. No worries! It was bound to happen. And I must admit I'm glad it did because now I can share this fabulous picture with all of you! Her name is Courtney Valentine and she's fabulous. Look her up!

Michael is three months old today!

He absolutely loves staring at himself in the mirror and making faces. He loves when you high-five him and and talk to him at the same time: he bursts into giggles! He is still attempting to fit his whole fist in his mouth and I highly doubt he's going to give up. He's also discovered he loves tummy time and is now determined to roll over... even though he tends to get distracted when he realizes he can scoot this way and that on his belly. He still loves music and has given in to letting me play Christmas music, as long as it's loud. He is also in love with the Christmas tree lights. He likes to just be in his swing and stare at them.

We're so excited for his first Christmas!

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