#TBT: It's my birthday!

6:00 AM

I had my mom do some digging to find a "real" #TBT to share with you today. And she sent me two that I couldn't decide between... so I'm sharing both of them. After all... it's my birthday. So I can do that!

My third birthday. I love the face I'm making. Who has to open their mouth like that to blow out candles? I look more like I'm about to inhale them. And those Beauty and the Beast figurines? I remember them so perfectly! Belle's arm used to ALWAYS fall off (once it broke the first time) and every single time I'd have my mom hot-glue it back on until it was beyond repair. My fourth birthday I even insisted having Beauty and the Beast again just so I could get a new Belle figurine. This I remember.

My sixth birthday. Let's face it. The dress is priceless. An abundance of polka dots and bows. I realized that if I could find a "grown up" version of this dress (altered here and there), I would probably still wear it. I loved (and still do) dressing up from head to toe. Note the white tights and shoes? Also, remember me mentioning my life-long friend Serena? She is the second to my right (looking at the picture). We're the only ones holding something. We had a multitude of texts and couldn't decide if we were holding Polly Pockets (the old-school-real-teeny-tiny-ones) or Little Kiddles (we couldn't remember the name of these-- luckily Serena's mom came to our rescue). Either way, I'm pretty sure this is the last birthday we celebrated together. Boy do we need to fix that next year!

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  1. I particularly love your Beauty and the Beast Cake Toppers!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    -Your BE FRIE!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am a fellow Beauty & the Beast fan! Nathan totally bought me that DVD when were dating. First movie I ever saw in the theaters! Hope your day is awesome! XO

    1. Thank you, Brittany! I will be posting about it soon. The hubs did well. He had everything planned out!

  3. It’s always nice to recall our childhood memories because it gives us happiness and brings smile in our face.