Friday's Letters

6:00 AM

Dear Friends, We have survived the week. Boy has it been one for the books. All I can say is I am so thankful/grateful for my family and friends, and tragedies always seem to bring this realization more to light. Hug those you love. Thank God for all that you have. And if you have been effected by these devastations, know you are in my prayers.

This is Porter. Porter wanted to make some food for the people who might be sad because something bad happened (he turns three in June). Since it was a bit difficult for him and his parents to make food for those effected, they compromised by drawing a picture of food and Porter insisted it say, "God Loves You" on it as well. Such an awesome little man with a huge heart.

Dear Michael, Thank you for being patient with Mama when she had a grumpy week. We will try getting you to sleep in your own bed another time. I have learned that it is not worth the stress or craziness to do it just yet. Having happy days together is much more important. I love all the words you're learning (like cookie, hush, please, thank you, shoe, "tuck", veggie tales, and more) and love all of your sidewalk chalk masterpieces. Please don't grow up too fast. I'm not sure my heart could handle it.

Dear #TBT, I missed you this week. So, here's to catching up!
A picture of my Fabio-esque hubby, my curly cues, my gelled-to-the-max brother-in-law, and my forever beautiful sister in 2007. Missing them so much and wishing they lived next store (with my positively adorable niece) instead of across the country. Here's hoping it will happen some day!

Dear Ladies, I have had a rough few weeks recognizing beauty from within. There are times in my life that I struggle with this more than others. Thank you for being such wonderful supporters. Please remember how beautiful you are. Watch this video to remind yourself!

Have a blessed and safe weekend! Have any plans? Share them in the comments!

The idea for this post came from Ashley over at The Sweet Season.

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