Cara Box Reveal

3:24 PM

For the month of August I signed up for the Cara Box through Wifessionals.

For those of you who don't know, this is a way to get to know other ladies through the blogging community. You are assigned with two different gals: one to send a package to, and one to receive a package from. To me, it seemed like the pen-pal program they used to have in schools. I was able to get to know two very sweet women through this, and I hope to continue to keep them as writing-friends!

Jacquie from Jacquie Here sent me a box. It was incredibly thoughtful, and one item made me LOL literally. It was the first thing I pulled from the box. See if you can guess what it was!

Her reasoning for each item was written in a little letter, color coordinated and everything. I loved it all. Want to see my goodies? HERE YOU GO!

I absolutely love all my items. I'm so excited to dig into the vegan cookie cookbook she sent me. It has all this information about making recipes healthier. Talk about inspiration for more vegan recipes!

The dog bones for Luna were a big hit. It was a pack of two, but only one is pictured because, well, I had to give her one right away!

The notecards are SO me, along with the cross bracelet. I just can't believe how thoughtful she was!

My absolute favorite item, though (OK... besides the Nutella), was the monogrammed t-shirt for Michael. She embroidered the "M" on it herself. HOW ADORABLE IS IT? Jacquie, if you made more, I would totally buy them from you... just saying.

Michael approved, too.

I will definitely be signing up in September as well. I feel like I didn't do quite as well with my box this month (since I was out of town). I was matched up with Ashley as well. Make sure to check out both of these ladies' blogs!

Follow this link for more information about the Cara box exchange. You should definitely do it!

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  1. You did amazing! We loved your box, I'm the slacker who has not posted about how great it was :( McKenna has been sick. Hopefully tonight i will get it up.

    1. I'm glad you loved it! I was afraid I didn't put enough in there for YOU, haha. I must confess I LOVE buying stuff for little girls.

      Oh, no! I hope she's feeling better! I saw her sporting a tiara in one of the pictures you posted on Instagram (is that stalkerish?).

  2. Ha! I didn't even notice she had it on. (they love them!)

  3. I'm so beyond happy that you loved your treats! And I'm especially excited that Michael loved his shirt, and that it fits just right! (at least it looks like it does...) I'm anxiously awaiting the day you post a recipe on here from the cookbook. I want to see how they turn out! I immediately thought of you when I saw it. :) Oh, and I'm also curious to know how much of that Nutella is still left.... ;) So fun getting to know you, and let's keep being pen-pals!

    1. The shirt fits Michael PERFECTLY! I absolutely love it. I must admit... there's no Nutella left, haha. BUT I did make cookies out of it, I didn't just eat it straight this time ;). You will be the FIRST to be notified when a recipe from the book is posted (I have actually already made one or two... so yummy)!

      I'm all for staying as pen-pals. I can't wait until your little man comes along so I can spoil him with a gift or two!

    2. Just came back to this post and saw your reply! You're so sweet! I'm glad to know the Nutella was put to good use. Now I'm just wondering why you didn't send any of the delicious goodies back my way! Haha, just kidding! And maybe I'll have to make Michael (and you, even!) some more hand-embroidered cuteness. :)(PS - maybe reply to my email so I actually see it, in case I forget to check back! Thanks!)