Luau Bridal Shower

6:00 AM

I had so much fun planning my friend's Bridal Shower. Since there are three extra ladies in the wedding party (the Maid of Honor, and two brides maids-- one of which is me!), we each decided to plan one event. Wedding Shower, Bridal Shower, and the Bachelorette Party. Since the last two weddings I was a part of I didn't do enough, I was so excited to plan the Bridal Shower this time around. Luckily I had a few vets and a lot of sympathetic ears to bend in order to get everything put together.

Here are the pictures!

Did I have enough pictures of the cake for you? It was made by Bailey Family Bakery. I sent Allison a copy of the invitations and she painted the exact flowers on to the cake! How amazing is that? By the way, the cake was Vanilla with fresh-chopped strawberries in the middle (a twist on strawberry shortcake-- Jessica's favorite!). DELICIOUS!

The banner and invitations were purchased from thinkRSVP. They were actually supposed to be yellow, but for whatever reason my printer made them pink (tested this theory on someone else's computer-- and my computer/printer is definitely to blame). Though I must confess I ended up loving the pink.

For the food we kept it simple.
- Sweet Chicken Salad on croissants (similar recipe here).
- Fruit Salad, Veggies and dip.
- Ham, Turkey, Cheese, and Cracker plate.
- Sweet tea and water bottles.
- Tropical Lemonade Punch (similar recipe here).

We did Bridal Advice and "Tacky Luau" pictures, as well as one other game.

I have to confess I was a bit proud at how pretty everything looked. Hope you think it was pretty, too!

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