Back again

6:00 AM

I have started this post at least a dozen times. I can't seem to get my ducks in a row these past few days. I'd like to say I'm hung over from a time change and lots of family time... but, come on. Eastern to Central to Eastern Time? It's just like falling back and springing forward in a shorter period of time. Right?

Michael and I made it safely home on Saturday. Our plane rides were not uneventful, however. On our first plane, after munching down some pizza while waiting and guzzling down some apple juice that the stewardess offered... Michael threw up.

There was no warning. No moan, groan, or sign that something was about to happen. He was sitting there as happy as you please... and then there was stuff all over the two of us. Luckily it completely missed the sweet lady sitting next to us, who promptly offered to move so we could go to the restroom. But I was not about to go lugging Michael down the aisle of this plane with throw up running down our legs (like that visual?).

Thank goodness I'm an over-packer. I pulled out who knows how many wipes to clean us off the best I could and commenced to change Michael's clothes in our seat. I didn't want to risk trying to move and having more gunk appear or fall out all over the place while on the move.

Michael after our first flight, waiting for our second plane with his airplanes from Disney Pixar's Planes-- which is going to be his first movie-theatre-movie as soon as Dada comes home!

All this taught me? Never feel bad packing extra clothes for the little guy and yourself. I was so thankful I had packed an extra shirt for myself and two extra outfits for Michael in my carry-on. Call it crazy, but you'll thank me if you listen and this happens to you.

Our second flight Michael talked nonstop to the elderly woman sitting next to us. NON. STOP. He kept telling her we were going up in the sky in the airplane. We were sitting on Papa's (my dad's) airplane. Where was Marmee (my mom)? We painted with Maile (his cousin).

All of a sudden my child is perfectly capable of putting concrete thoughts and sentences together. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?! OK... they may not be THAT concrete. I have to interpret them to people who don't understand Michael-lingo. But a lot of it is understandable to just about everyone.

We made it home safe and sound, bottom line. And that's what counts.

The other positive? Michael was gifted one of my old beanie babies while visiting Marmee and Papa, and it's become his LOVEY! Well, we're four-days running. Any time he wants to lie down or cuddle or do anything-- Wrinkles the Bulldog has to be there. I'm surprised I didn't think of him needing a smaller something to hold on to sooner. I kept thinking bigger, as in something to substitute for him holding on to me... like a body pillow or something. But, no. Wrinkles the small Bulldog takes the prize (for now, that is).

Promise more pictures from our trip soon! Happy Middle-of-the-Week!

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  1. OMG I would never have thought about packing extra clothes. Totally noted in the back of my mind for when it's my turn. When you travel with Clark, do you pack an extra shirt for him too?

    And yay for finding a lovey! I know you were searching!

    1. Haha. You learn quickly that extra clothes are always good to have! Yes, actually, when Clark is with us I DO pack an extra shirt for him (though have the time he doesn't know it)!

      I know! Wrinkles is definitely his constant companion. I'm so excited!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad he loves Wrinkles.