#TBT: Put your little foot right there

6:00 AM

Visiting my parents in Pella brought back a lot of memories of Holland, MI. We lived there while my dad attended seminary when I was in kindergarten and first grade.

Holland has so many fond memories. Probably because I was so young, and because I have one amazing thing that has lasted me thus far in my life from it-- my bestie, Serena.

In order for you to understand the beauty of Pella, which is to come in some pictures, I thought I'd "throwback" today to Holland.

My sisters and I (can you guess who is who?) during Tulip Time in Holland, MI. I'm guessing this is around 1996, since my little sister looks around two in the picture. Yes... we are dressed in dutch costumes. At least we didn't have to wear wooden shoes (those came later for many...).

Oh, and the title? From where we lived we were close to the center of town. During tulip time the we could hear, "Put your little foot, put your little foot, put your little foot right there." It still gets stuck in my head... 17-18 years later.

Just for an experience, check this video out.

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