#TBT: First day of school// Sisterly Love

1:32 PM

Tuesday was my older sister's birthday! It seemed only appropriate to go digging through my parents' stuff to find a picture of us two. It also fits since the school season has begun for many, since this is a first day of school picture! 

I'm on the left, Katie's on the right. I believe this is first grade for me and fourth grade for Katie. If you see a full shot, we are in matching outfits. This was very common for us. It wasn't until a year or two later that people stopped mistaking us for twins. As we got even older, some people had no idea we were related! Talk about a twist of events. 

More pictures of us just to make you smile. Happy belated birthday, KK! 

Just FYI, I did actually wish her birthday ON her birthday, haha. Share your TBT's in the comments! 

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