Everything-but-Flour Cookies

6:00 AM

These cookies are to die for. I mean, they couldn't have turned out better in my opinion.


- 1/2 C sugar
- 1 tsp baking soda
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 2.25 C oats
- 1/2 to 3/4 C m&m's or chocolate chips
- 1/2 C brown sugar
- 3/4 C smooth or chunky peanut butter (I used natural and it turned out great!)
- 2 tbsp butter, softened
- 1 tsp vanilla
- 2 eggs, lightly beaten


- Preheat your oven to 350.
- Mix together the peanut butter, butter, vanilla, and eggs in a bowl.
- Add your baking soda, salt, and sugar.
*This will be pretty thick and a little hard to mix.*
-Mix in your oats.

-Carefully add your M&M's or chocolate chips.
*Note: This may be because I used natural peanut butter, but the dough will be extraordinarily crumbly. It may take some effort to really mold the dough for the cookies. But have no fear! It's worth it!*

- Form the cookies into 2 inch balls or so and place on prepared cookie sheet. Bake for 10 minutes, then use a spatula or fork to carefully flatten the balls. Cook for another 3 to 5 minutes. Remove from the oven and place on cooling rack before enjoying!

This recipe was adapted from Sweet Pea's Kitchen.

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  1. These sound so delicious, and energizing! I wonder if you could mold them into balls, like protein bites? YUM.

    1. They start out as balls, so if you wanted to do that you could just not flatten them (like you have to do with peanut butter cookies)! That sounds like a neat idea!