Friday's Letters

6:00 AM


Favorite picture of me and the little man from this past week :).

I am so thankful it's Friday. I must admit this past week is a bit of a blur. I felt like I was constantly running on empty. Now, don't get me wrong, it really was a good week (for the most part). Michael and I are really getting a routine down... until he decides he wants to do something to throw it off, or I do. But, ya know, that's life!

Dear Twin Bed
I am so excited we finally invested in you. Michael was never going to sleep in his crib. Ever since the first night we were home and we let him cuddle in bed with us, and then the second, and the third... co-sleeping became our way of doing things. I'm so thankful it was (and still is). However, I am very excited to start Michael in his own room. And I must say, he is taking to you quite well for his naps right now. Not to mention he loves having his own bed to climb onto to for reading or playing time.

Dear Weather
You are truly being ridiculous. I feel like every time I get to do this type of post I feel the need to mention you. Tuesday alone we had snow, sleet, rain, and then sunshine and a high of 55. Are you kidding me? Today it was sunny and sixty, and tomorrow we're under a warning of freezing rain! Make up your mind already!

Both pictures from Tuesday, February 19th.

Dear Kitchen
I promise I will clean you... eventually. I am learning to accommodate my picky eater and make things that he enjoys... as well as sneak in a thing or two that might be green. Please don't start smelling funky or anything due to me not being able to wipe you down every night. You should be thankful I love to cook. You are dirty because you are loved.

Waffle Cookies Recipe to be posted in the upcoming week!

Homemade Mac & Cheese Recipe to be posted soon. Green Beans recipe here!

Dear Michael
I am so thankful for you. You are 100% boy, and that is such an adjustment for me coming from a family that consisted of three daughters (myself included). Please be patient with me as I learn not to freak out over every bump and bruise. You seem to be falling on your head a lot lately from all your running, and you're making mama want to buy you a helmet. Just so I don't turn into that mother, could you maybe slow down just a little... please?

Have a happy weekend! I leave you with a quote to make you think :).
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The idea for this post came from Ashley, of The Sweet Season.

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  1. how old was your son when he was put in the twin bed? I kind of want Melody in a toddler bed but she isn't climbing out of her crib or anything so I guess I could wait - I have no idea what the rush is for me. haha. just found your blog from the link up! excited to be your newest follower?

    1. Welcome, Whitney! I'm so excited to have you as a follower. Michael is 17.5 months old. We just use a mattress/boxspring (no frame) so the bed is close to the ground. He has an easy time crawling on and off of it. However, we also invested in one of those guard rails just in case we end up needing it!

      We decided it was a little bit of a better investment (for us) because he can use a twin bed a lot longer than a toddler bed. Hope this helps! We were so ready to get Michael into his own space :).

  2. whoops I didn't mean to put a question mark on that last comment - it was supposed to be a ! haha

  3. Hi there! I am a new follower- I have to say I am so jealous that you were able to move Michael into a big boy bed so easily! We moved my daughter almost a week ago and she's been a terror ever since. I look forward to reading more from you! Feel free to stop by my blog and say hello! I love meeting new people!

    1. Michael's only sleeping in his big boy bed for naps right now, Sarah. I'm dreading moving him there at night-- I know it's going to be so exhausting! I'm so excited to have you as a follower! I'll definitely be stopping by your blog as well!