Valentine's Day [pt. 2]

4:01 PM

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I find it mildly humorous that I had dozens of posts for this holiday planned out in my head and only ended up posting two (including this one). Ah, well. Life tends to be busier than planned-- always.

Hubby and I celebrated this wonderful holiday a bit early. Today Michael and I are taking it easy, going about our usual routine. However, he was spoiled with a new delicious muffin recipe for breakfast,

I had one of these pretty awesome scones,

and we will probably have one of these amazing cookies later.

Michael also got Where the Wild Things Are as his gift from Clark and me. I still can't believe we didn't get that book for him until now. And yes. He loves it.

Life has been pretty crazy but I've been taking in the cuddles. Michael was sick for the past week and I kind of feel like I'm getting something. I'm desperately trying to fight it off with airborne and plenty of rest.

Michael and I took a two hour nap yesterday, which is really uncommon. Usually I use nap time to get things done on my end, which results in him only sleeping for about 30 to 45 minutes. I think we both really needed it. Never mind that it was a late-afternoon-nap which resulted in a late-bedtime. It was needed. And I just love snuggling with him-- especially now that we're planning on finally starting to move him to his own bed. I have no exact date as an end goal. We're going to take it at his pace using the No-Cry Sleep Solution as our guide.

By the way, I was looking back on Michael's pictures from February last year (when he was five months old) and just about melted. When on earth did my child get so big?

OK, enough with pulling the time-flies-so-quickly-it's-insane moment. What are your plans for today? I hope it's filled with love (and chocolate... lots and lots of chocolate)!

All new recipes will be posted through out the next week. Sorry for the delay!

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