#TBT: 24th Birthday

8:00 AM

OK... this was only two weeks ago. But I've been struggling to post as of late so I thought this would be the way to go for throw-back-thursday, since that's when my slacking started.

Having hubby home is always wonderful, but he made sure my birthday was extra special. After my morning Bible study where some wonderful women gave me well wishes and sang to me, Clark piled us in the car and wouldn't give me a clue as to what we were doing. He actually made it seem like he didn't have a plan. Michael fell asleep so I told him we could just do something quick for fast food if he wanted, not knowing what his plans were. He said we could just drive for a while and let Michael sleep, so he took us up on the parkway.

We talked and just hung out and enjoyed the drive while Michael slept. At one point I suggested we turn around since Michael's nap was only going to last for so long, but Clark said we could loop around (which I knew we couldn't unless we took a really long time).

As Michael woke up, we pulled off to a spot on the parkway to have a fabulous picnic (which Clark had planned, obviously) and when I began to take pictures he whipped out a brand new Nikon 1500 for me to use instead of our point and shoot camera. It was SUCH a surprise. Apparently he had a lot of people pool in to get it, since that definitely wasn't within the budget I gave him for my birthday.

The day continued with more driving on the parkway and picture taking, and once we were home Mama got even more time to be a shutterbug.

The evening ended with my homemade cake falling to pieces (literally) and Clark having to run out and get a grocery-store-cake. But it didn't ruin anything. He even bought champagne to toast me.

Yep. I'm pretty blessed with one AMAZING hubby. And I had one OUTSTANDING birthday. Now, be prepared for some recipes and fabulous pictures to come!

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  1. The quality of these pics are AWESOME.

  2. Need that first picture for the fridge!

    Love you!

  3. He is so handsome in that shirt!