take me out to the ball game

6:00 AM

If you hadn't noticed on Instagram or with previous posts, we've been enjoying some baseball. The great thing about where we now live is we are in the midst of spring training and just 30 minutes or so from Chase Field.

Clark and I both grew up loving baseball. He played when he was younger, and my dad took me to Rigley Field (and I played softball as a child). But I wasn't one to watch the games on TV (a little boring if you ask me), and I just didn't see following sports as a priority otherwise (I still don't, if I'm being honest). But now that we're here, there's really no excuse not to enjoy the game up close. Tickets are so reasonably priced and we're so close. Why not make it family fun?

The last day Clark left Michael had been asking to go to a baseball game after looking at pictures of him and Papa at the Cubs game we went to. Sadly, spring training was over, and we're not Diamondbacks fans, but then I remembered that the SF Giants were still playing in Phoenix. The Giants, thanks to my sister and her husband, is our new "family team". It was Clark and Michael's first pro-baseball game, even if it was spring training. While I know the Giants have a WAY better chance at going all this way than the Cubs (since the Cubs haven't won a world series in, like, over 100 years), I'm still a Cubs fan at heart. It was a my first game, and something special I always got to share with my dad.

I digress.

I bought last minute tickets to the SF Giants at Diamondbacks game. Even last minute the tickets were reasonably priced and we were on the First Base line and everything! It was so exciting, and Michael made it to the seventh inning stretch, which was the goal since it was a PM game.

Now, what you've been waiting for, the pictures. By the way... the Giants won... go figure.

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