Five Months Old!

9:00 AM

Today Michael is five months old!

It is absolutely crazy that he's getting close to being half-a-year-old. I never believed people when they said one minute you look and your baby is a newborn, and you blink and your baby is 18. I REALLY hope it doesn't happen that fast, because five months just FLEW!

So, we took Michael to the doc yesterday to be weighed and he's up to 12lbs 14oz. Still not quite as high as we hoped, but we're getting there!

Michael is a rolling machine from tummy to back, but still refuses to roll completely over to his tummy from his back. He loves the rockin' guitar Marmee and Papa Mike gave him for Christmas, cloth butterflies that came with the play mat from Aunt Katie and Uncle Tim, and his reading buddy Bigsby (also from Aunt Katie and Uncle Tim).

We are using all cloth diapers which Michael seems to prefer. We used a disposable diaper on him the other day (since we have some left over) and he truly was not happy until we took it off of him 30 minutes later and replaced it with a cloth diaper (which had been in the dryer).

Baby boy is still sleeping with us, but I'm not worried. He will sporadically take naps on his own on our bed or in his crib, but currently his favorite place to fall asleep is in his handy-dandy sling (check out my profile pic to the right). Since he's right up against me, he sleeps the soundest. We've come up with a new system at night where he'll go in his sling and I'm able to get into bed and undo it so we both don't have to worry about trying to get him to sleep all over again. It's not ideal, but it works for now!

Michael is ridiculously vocal. When he's extremely happy, screeching (not cooing) is the way to go. He squeals and laughs and lets everyone know just how thrilled he is. He loves to "fly" these days, and we've discovered a few ticklish spots (under the chin, under his arms, behind his knees, and the bottom of his feet).

While he may look bald in his lovely pictures, Michael is growing some pretty long blond hairs. And when I say blond, I mean BLOND. The boy is going to be an absolute toe-head... and I'm secretly hoping for some curls!

While sleep regression is still present, giving Michael a little bit of formula before bed really seems to help him sleep. It isn't ideal, but we have to do what's best for Michael... even if that means he doesn't get to be 100% BF. We did learn the hard way that rice cereal before bed is not a good plan... he's incredibly hyper and happy after having some cereal!

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