Poop Sprayer

1:17 PM

Last weekend my husband built me a poop sprayer.

Not for me. For Michael's dirty diapers, of course.

Using cloth diapers has a down side if feces bothers you. If you don't spray the stuff off the diapers, then not only does it make your washing machine extraordinarily, disgustingly dirty, it stains the diaper.

Before now we had been rinsing the diapers in the sink.

Excuse me.

I had been rinsing the diapers in the sink. And rinsing is putting it lightly.

Clark said we could switch to cloth diapers under one condition: he doesn't have to change the poopy ones. I look forward to a day where I am off doing something and Michael dirties a diaper up for Clark. Until that day, however, I'm the one doing the dirty work.

So, as I was saying, before now I had been "rinsing" the diapers in the sink. Doing the dirty work in the sink wasn't the most efficient way of doing things. Our current sink does not have a sprayer, and therefore it involved a lot more dirty work than I'd like to share. Let's just say my hands were getting raw for a while there due to washing them so much.

But now.

Now I don't mind the dirty work. I simply turn on the sprayer, point, shoot, and let the water do its duty.

Let's just say the poop sprayer is a hand saver. I know... a poor excuse for a small bit of humor.

I am so thankful my husband is handy.

It did turn out to be a bit more complicated than the website (suggested by my sister) said. However, it was posted in 2008... so you have to give the gal a little break. We got our directions from Gidget Goes Home. Check it out if you like!

If you would rather just buy one, rather than make one at home, bumGenius has one as well. Add shipping into the equation and you end up paying more for the pre-made one. I'd say ours fell between $35 and $40 total, after some adjustments.

Clark deserves all the praise in the world for the little things he does for me. I just can't wait for the day where the poop sprayer ends up being handy for him as well!

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