Married In College: Introduction

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A few years back, my friend started an online magazine called Reality Check Girl Magazine.

Within the magazine, I was the editor for the "Love" section, and wrote a column called "Married in College". Apparently the page still gets some hits today, and I thought I would add it to my new site so that the readers that were cut short of my college years, and those of you who may be interested in my old tales, could be caught up and brought to the "now" that is my life.

So, for the original postings, go here. But I will be rerunning the old ones before posting some new ones, I believe. So, without further a due, here's the old introduction, with a few adjustments!

Introduction to Married in College.

There are very few cases of high school sweethearts sticking it out, getting married after college, and making it through the rest of their lives. After all, when so young, who expects you to stick together? Who cares if you’ve been in love since you were fourteen, right? Odds are, you’re not going to make it.

I’m [twenty-two] years old at this very moment, and I’ve been married since I was 18. My husband and I did not get married because of a baby scare or because we thought it was what we had to do to stay together. We got married for the joy and love of being married.

We didn’t have the big story book wedding, either. In fact, we set a date and walked down to the courthouse with two friends. Our parents didn’t know until that day. We chose to get married because we knew we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives, and just in case something were to happen… we wanted to have been married for at least a day. We got married because we were in love, and because we had a friend pass away and we realized that there was only so much time in each person’s life.

This friend had been missing for two years and the police finally identified her remains. It was a hard thing to face, especially for two 18 year olds who thought they had all the time in the world to live their lives. We had been talking about marriage, and truth be told he had already asked me to marry him. Our initial plan was to wait a year to be “officially” engaged, and then wait and get married once we graduated college. However, everything changed. Young and naïve, we chose the most difficult route we possibly could: we married young.

I’m definitely not going to throw the cloth over your eyes and tell you everything was peachy keen in the beginning, because it wasn’t. We had our problems, and oh the stories I will be sharing with you!

When we got married, we were freshman in college. We had just stepped off of our parents doorsteps and decided to build our own. Looking back, it may have not been the wisest decision, but it has worked out beautifully thus far.

Some people look down on our situation. I mean, we’re [22] and we’ve been married for almost [five] years (and we now have a five month old son)! When people ask why, or “what’s it like?”… I just smile and tell them, “Because I love him, and it’s like it is for any other married couple.”

We are still young and have so much to learn, but we’re doing it together. Distance only makes us stronger, challenges only let us know each other better, and God only gives us hope, faith, love, encouragement, and everything we could possibly need.

So, these are going to be my stories: the good and the bad, the ups and downs, the love and the arguments. It’s never easy, it’s always a challenge… but we’re doing it. That’s what counts.

These are my stories of experience from being married young... from being Married in College.

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