Baby-Wearing Daddys

8:47 AM

While baby-wearing is making a comeback, or becoming popular (I'm not sure if it's been popular in the last 100 years or so), an even newer trend is daddys stepping up and wearing the babies.

After all, this is the 21st century. There are even some stay-at-home-dads so mothers can work! Talk about awesome.

My friend posted this picture on my personal Facebook page:

OK, so not all dads are going to be walking around in leather jackets, baby in the sling, and aviators over his eyes... but still. I think this is still a good example of dads stepping up.

Clark has never worn the sling we own. I think we've both kind of agreed it's mine and Michael's "special thing". This is only because it's one of the few places Michael will go to sleep. Therefore, he seems to associate it with me and sleep. If Clark were to wear it, I'm not sure Michael would know what to do. However, the carrier we own seems to do the trick when Clark wears it. When I wear it, Michael's usually wide awake (except on "special" occasions where he's positively exhausted).

Many guys have this stereotypical idea, even still, of what dads should be. If you're the dad of a girl, your job is to protect her from harm and men. If you're a dad of a boy, you guys play sports and do "manly things" together.

Clark already talks about playing catch with Michael, teaching him how to climb/surf/etc., going to Scout stuff together, and so forth. He has this idea of what his and Michael's relationship is going to be solely based on what he did as a kid, and what people expect of a father/son relationship. In the beginning Clark was even convinced he wasn't going to have to change diapers because that was "my job". Yeah, ok.

So, the fact that men are doing things like wearing the baby to truly be paternal, and in some instances a little more maternal, is more than cool.

I know, I'm just kind of rambling. Let's go to another example.

My sister posted this on her Facebook, and it truly brought tears to my eyes.

This is one of the cutest things I have seen in so long. While I think it's positively adorable when Clark is lying on the bed sleeping with Michael, or it's the cutest thing ever when Michael is giggling up a storm because they're playing... this really seemed to top the cake. If Clark played the ukulele, and I came home to this... I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it.

I personally love that some dads are now wearing the babies. I think if more dads were to accept this side of the parental role, or share it with the moms, maybe there'd be a little less stress sometimes. What do you think?

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