Seven Months Old!

12:46 PM

Michael is seven months old today!

To celebrate we got him a high chair. Before we were just feeding him in his Bumbo, but now he has a seat beside the table instead of on it. He's not too sure about it yet, because he could lean back and wiggle more in the Bumbo, but I'm sure he'll get used to it!

There are so many changes I really don't know where to begin.

Michael's around two feet tall and more than likely more than sixteen pounds. He outgrows his clothes more in length than width. It feels like he's just turning into a tree the way he grows.

Michael's favorite food is still sweet potatoes, although he loves pear as well. Coming up this month we're going to try: carrots, regular potatoes, asparagus, peach, and a few other flavors. I think he looks forward to new tastes. Every time he gets to try something new he seems to take more time eating it, figuring out if he likes it or not.

He loves all his toys. There's pretty much no favorites in our house at the moment. One minute he'll be playing with his rings and the next he'll move on to his guitar and the next he'll want one of his stuffed animals. He just loves to play with anything and everyone. He is definitely turning into a people person, although you can tell when he's ready for a break (much like his mommy).

Michael goes days in between talking with certain sounds. We are currently on shrieking and squeaking, when ten days ago he was saying, "dadadadada", "nananana" (pronounced- "nah"), and "gagagagaga". I'm sure we'll move back to decisive sounds soon!

Sleep patterns are still wavering. He was doing so well and then we went on a date near the end of March and we went back in time it seems. While he is back to taking at least one good nap on his own, I'm hoping we'll move back to two very soon. Visiting family and errands and so forth does seem to interfere, but we will persevere!

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