Power-Push #1

1:53 PM

Happy July!

I've started off every month since Michael was born saying, "This is the month!" (If not to others than to myself.)

By that I meant, this is the month I'm going to really start losing weight. This is the month I'm going to get my body back. This is the month I'm going to return to who I was (physically) before Michael was born.

Well, the truth of it is: none of those months were "the month".

Some women are blessed and get their body back in a number of a few short months. Many people say, "9 months to gain, 9 months to lose". Neither of those have been true for me.

Here Michael is just about 10 months old and I'm carrying probably ten to fifteen pounds still that don't belong.

So I thought what better way to keep myself accountable than to blog about it.

I'm not sure where I came up with the idea of a "Power-Push". For whatever reason it sounds catchy and makes complete sense to me. If it doesn't to you... well... just bear with me.

This month I'm cutting some things out and adding more of the good stuff. I kept saying before that I was going to do this, and for whatever reason it just didn't stick. Not even for lent. I kept saying I'd do this, even have a friend who has been keeping me in check, but still I have my moments and just keep them to myself.

When I say moments, I mean a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's or way too many chips or fast food or what have you. It's so easy to give into things that are easy when you have a child. The women that kept saying, "Take it from someone who knows." Well... perhaps I should have listened to them a little more.

Here's what I'm giving up for the month of July:

1. Alcohol
Don't take this the wrong way. We definitely don't drink like fish at our house. I mean more or less that when Clark and I go out on our dates, or want to "celebrate" something, it's not going to be done with alcohol. Besides, that's money wasted, too.

2. Fast Food (except when traveling)
It's so easy to go out and run errands and decide we'll get McDonald's rather than go home for the planned salad or healthy sandwich. Clark grew up in a family that gave in so easily to the temptation of the golden arches or the purple bell... so I'm stopping that here and now when it comes to just being out and about around town. Traveling is a little different... but we can at least get Subway or something when we travel.

3. Excuses
I make excuse after excuse about not exercising or giving in to some junk food. "I'm not in the mood," or "There's too much to do," or "I can't cook when there's this big of a mess." I blame everything and everyone for my inability to get off my butt and turn on an exercise video, or go outside for a walk, or get up and go to the gym. This month, that's not going to cut it.

4. Ridiculous Serving Sizes
Clark and I tend to overeat. We sit there and say how hungry we are, so we eat four servings between the two of us. This month I'm really sticking to proper portions. Six small meals a day to fill me up (three meals, three snacks if you want to put it that way). I'm going to stop overeating on the pasta, rice, or even ground turkey and start eating the correct portions of all the good stuff that I need.

5. Fattening, Sugary Sweet, and Over-the-top Recipes
Don't worry. I'll still be blogging about yummy deliciousness that you may want, but that doesn't mean I need to indulge. I'm going to avoid eating what I cook (or at least only trying one so I know they taste good). The rest will be given to neighbors, friends, coworkers, and so forth. I'll let them enjoy it, and I'll keep working towards my weight loss/ muscle gain goals.

Here's what I'm focusing on/ aiming for during the month of July:

1. More Exercise
I used to be so good at making myself exercise at least five times a week. When I was in high school, my mom and I would walk pretty much every day after school or every day during the summer. I'd also come up with a strict weight work out for myself. As time passed, I seemed to "relax" more and more. When I was pregnant, I pretty much gave up hope because of my swelling. Now I seem to slip into the mindset of "it will come off eventually", but the weight won't come off unless I work it off. So, I'm definitely coming up with an exercise schedule and sticking to it.

2. More Veggies
It seems I've stopped snacking on things like carrots and celery and grown more accustomed to anything from trail mix to muffins. Carbs. I eat WAY too many carbs. This isn't saying I'm cutting them out, I'm just making it a goal to replace one to two of my typical carb binges to something that's green... or at least in the vegetable family.

3. More Activity
This is not to be confused with #1 (More Exercise). More activity means doing more. I mean reading more, crafting more, being outside more, playing with Michael more... more activity. I tend to get in this mindset that I have nothing to do and I lounge around, even when Michael is giving me a break (by napping or eating happily in his high chair). I need to DO more. This also isn't to say that taking a break sometimes isn't necessary, but I tend to take more breaks than I really need to.

4. Positive Attitude
It's true I've become a Negative Nelly. I come up with all the possible "what-ifs" and then get depressed and become an emotional eater. I'll eat anything I want, because I'm in a bad mood. Well, what if I wasn't? I'm devoting more time to devotionals and less time to dwelling on the infinite "what ifs". Trusting God is a big one. While I may say I trust Him, I feel like if I was trusting him whole heartedly I wouldn't be so dang stressed and negative all the time.

5. Healthier Recipes
Since I'm giving up lots of the sugar, I plan on replacing it with more creative ideas that are healthy but still meet my sweet cravings. After all, I'm only human. I should say, I'm only female. Craving chocolate or any sort of sweet once in a while is the way I am, and therefore I need to find ways to meet that (once again) without indulging in things like Cooke Brownie Cupcakes.

To wrap this blog up, I'm going all out and posting my "Day 1" pictures. As these were taken before I had a shower, please forgive the fact that my head is cropped out...

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  1. Can I just say that I'm jealous of your before pictures? I think you look great! Don't get me wrong-- I'm all for adopting a more healthy lifestyle. I think we all need to and it goes even far beyond weight. But I just want you to know how beautiful you are and how great you do look already. And I wouldn't say it if it wasn' true.

  2. Thank you, Nikki :). I'm just carrying weight in places at the moment (like my belly) that really isn't healthy. And I am more interested in becoming healthier again verses really losing weight. If I'm healthy/in-shape and carrying a little extra, at least I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing!