Power-Push #3

11:31 AM

I figured out where I got "power-push".

In "The Firm" workout, every time you get to the end of the move, where you put it into half-time or whatever, she calls it your "power-push". That little extra something to get your heart rate up.

That's where it comes from.

Yesterday I successfully did the whole The Firm Bootcamp video. My plan had been to do it twice a week, every week this month. I think I've done it twice this month total.

Sadly Michael has been in a funk. It makes it really hard to prepare healthier meals and exercise more when Michael won't let me put him down and Clark's working more so he's not home.

I guess, in reality, it's preparation. I mean, when Clark has a "real" job, it's not like he's going to be home all the time to help me out. That being said, I think I've learned that I have a lot of work to do to get myself in a healthier lifestyle.

I gained a pound this past week, sadly. We definitely haven't been doing our best. While we've been walking and eating healthier meals, the sweets still tend to sneak into our house... or rather one of us *cough*Clark*cough* brings them into our house.

The other night we had brownies for the first time in almost a year. Sad. Horrible. Pathetic.

Oh, but they were so tasty.

Apparently I was wrong in thinking that blogging would help keep me accountable. Of course, it isn't truly this month's fault. It just happens that there's this extra 10 to 15 pounds that I cannot shake.

Which isn't fair to say because I know, for a fact, that it's my eating that needs to improve.

So how do I do it? How do we just cut out all the bad stuff? Even if it is a slow process... for example, Clark has cut out french fries. Well, we've both cut them out, but I don't eat them that much at all, so it really doesn't count.

How can I cut out chocolate? I can't.

How can I cut out muffins, breads, cupcakes, cookies, cakes....? I can't.

I suppose the correct response would be, I don't know how.

Even if I try to revert to my extreme diet that I did in high school (well, The South Beach Diet), I don't see it working. Plain nuts make me gag at this point because I ate them so much then. Sugar free stuff makes my stomach ache and gives Michael gas (and, I imagine, a stomach ache as well). Just fruits, veggies, meats, and a little bit of dairy doesn't seem to fuel me with half the energy I need to keep up with my son.

So what do I do?

Yesterday we went hiking. Five miles in about three hours, which isn't bad considering it used to take us 2.5 hours to do five miles. And we had Michael with us. And we stopped for lunch.

It was very empowering.

It definitely picked up my mood.

This blog has taken me about two days to write, so if it goes from negative-nelly to positive-peggy that's why.

Last night, after a family-filled day, Clark and I had a chat. We talked about what we wanted to work on physically with ourselves, and even let the other have a say. I do think it's incredibly important to always be attracted to your spouse. After all, if you're not... what happens then? So, we're making plans. Plans to exercise together. Plans to improve our eating. Plans for being more responsible with money.

We're planning. And I really think that's going to help me continue with my "power-push"... or perhaps really start it.

Once again, I tend to be behind the camera more than in front of it. I promise pictures come August 1st.

Advice is still greatly appreciated!

See Power-Push #1 and Power-Push #2 to get the whole scoop!

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  1. Glad to see that by the end of the post you had brightened up some!!! I understand where you are with the "last ten pounds" sort of thing. I saw a personal trainer (ok, friend from high school who's now a trainer & lets me pay him in red bulls) and he said a few things that really stuck with me - first, "the best exercise is the one you WILL DO!" so, since the only thing I know I'll always do is walk the dog, we talked about how to maximize that as a workout... The other thing he suggested was using the My Fitness Pal app to count calories. I used to be very anti calorie counting, but I decided to give it a try... It's no wonder I haven't been losing. I thought I was eating well but it was still way too many calories!!! Anyway, good luck! You have my support! I'm right there with ya trying to healthify our meals!!