Power-Push #2

10:44 AM

This is my attempt to still keep myself accountable to my previous blog, Power-Push #1. We'll see how this goes.

So, it probably wasn't a fabulous idea to start my Power Push when we were headed off to visit Clark's family. My family it probably wouldn't be such a problem with. However... Clark's family doesn't exactly eat healthily, nor are they influenced to do so, either. It also didn't help that there were "two" holidays (Fourth of July, and Pop's Birthday) within our vacation. And a trip to the beach.


The good news is I haven't gained weight at all this month.

The bad news is I haven't lost any, either.

This month, though, is not just about losing weight. It's about changing our lifestyle. Clark and I started out rough, got better, and then got worse when I was pregnant.

Note to those who are pregnant: don't use it as an excuse to eat anything.

That's what I did. I know that's why I gained so much weight. All of a sudden it seemed like an easy way to do what I want. I kept telling myself, "I've lost a lot of weight before, I can do it again."

Within that reminder I forgot to tell myself that previously it had taken me all four years of high school to successfully get where I wanted to be.


I have successfully managed to be more active. One thing our vacation did do is get me up and moving about more, since it wasn't like Michael and I just had the house to ourselves. Excessive alcohol hasn't been difficult to give up, either.

More exercise hasn't quite panned out the way I wanted... but, hey, everything takes time, right? The fact that the weather has been working against me and my back has been hurting for whatever reasons seem like viable excuses. For now, at least.

I guess I won't go into detail about all of my giving-ups and focusing-ons... but I actually have been doing rather well for the past 15 days.

I wish I had pictures for today, but Clark had to get up early and leave for work. So I'll post pictures from our beach trip for now and post again in a few days with current pictures.

I'm planning to do better. As long as I can get my butt in gear by the end of this month, I'll be a happy camper. And when I say that, I mean get into a better routine of healthier foods and a good amount of exercise. While having a baby makes things harder, it's definitely not an excuse... that's something else I have to keep reminding myself of.

Suggestions? Books? Blogs? Websites? Hit me with what you got! I'm definitely open to anything you can offer me.

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