The First Cold

10:51 AM

This last week our family has been suffering from colds.

Michael got it first. We're assuming he was overwhelmed from all the different germs from his first week at preschool/daycare. Although last Friday he seemed to have a nose running like a faucet, Clark insisted we send him off to school so he could finish his first whole week.

I personally just wanted my baby home so I could cuddle with him. Five days without Michael in the mornings threw me off completely. You would think I was beyond productive and accomplished this, that, and the other on my list....

Nope. While I was able to shower and get ready uninterrupted, I seemed to be sulking around wishing I had a baby needing my constant attention.


I picked Michael up Friday only to hear he had a somewhat rotten day. Obviously. He was getting sick. I knew this would happen.

While Michael had a tiny cold at Christmas time, and developed allergies at the beginning of spring, he has never truly been sick, sick. I mean, teething made it seem as though he was sick... but he clearly was not.

He could not be consoled Friday. All he wanted was to cuddle. The only time I got him to perk up a bit? Playing outside.

(If you can see it, that's not drool falling to the ground. If you can't... that may be a good thing.)

(See the runny nose?)

Friday night we ran our humidifier, which we don't really do on a regular basis. Our house always feels a little humid as is, but we made a point to run it for Michael.

Saturday was when Michael was the worst and Clark and I started to feel it. We invested in some Baby Saline Spray and Boogie Wipes.
I had never heard of these, but Clark went to the store and returned with them. They smell like grape, in an attempt to get Michael to enjoy getting his nose wiped (he still doesn't), but they help sooth his nose as well as help it run. They have saline in them as well. So, although his nose was still running like a faucet-- those "boogies" weren't running down the back of his throat, which is an excellent thing.

We invested in these and some saline spray because Michael hates having his nose suctioned. Should I repeat that?

Michael hates having his nose suctioned.

I think this is pretty common with babies. And sometimes this "torture" is completely necessary, which I felt like it would be with his cold. BUT, because he was sick and not feeling well at all, when we added on the "torture" of sucking his nose, he would start screaming and become inconsolable. It was breaking my heart, so I opted that we just shouldn't do it anymore. I couldn't handle it, and Michael clearly really couldn't, either.

We also had Baby Vick's.
We put a little of this on his chest as well as on his nose. It helps it when it's dry, and Michael really likes the smell of it. It also helps clear up his nose!

Although we drove around Saturday morning in an attempt to get Michael to sleep, it proved useless. When we got home I got out the sling, something I hadn't used in months, and he went right to sleep. Apparently, when you're sick, the best place is as close to mama as possible-- and I didn't mind that one bit.

Sunday proved to be the same as Saturday, only Clark and I were sick as well. We all moped around the house and took full advantage of Michael's naps. While we thought he was on the mend, Monday morning came and all he wanted to do was sleep, sleep, sleep. So, sleep he did. His first missed day of school was a Monday. Classic.

Ultimately, when baby gets a cold, the most important thing to do is love on him/her. I kept trying to find the cure for the common cold this past week, but really the only cure was TLC. I feel blessed that this was nothing more (like the stomach flu or something of that nature), and that I got to spend the last week just cuddling and loving on Michael. Of course, that's what we do everyday anyway, but it warmed my heart that all he wanted to do was sit on my lap sometimes and lean against me.

What happens when he's older????

I don't even want to think about that right now.

So, here's what I hope you learned for a baby-cold:

1. Boogie Wipes are awesome.
2. Baby Vick's can be soothing (I believe only 6 months +, though).
3. Saline can work better than a nasal-sucker-thing.
4. Invest in a humidifier if you don't have one already.
5. TLC is the cure.

(The pictures, besides from outdoor play, are from Instagram. Follow me at: newfangledhousewife!)

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  1. Poor Michael (and mom + dad, too)! I hope you're all feeling better this weekend!