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So sorry to go a few days without posting, and the beginning of the month no less!

July 31st we were blessed with a storm that made our power go out for four hours and involved thunder that shook the house.

But that isn't all.

Before the thunder made our house rattle and made Michael start crying (poor dear), part of our house was struck by lightning.

This, of course, was unknown to me.

Once the power kicked in and I realized that our air wasn't back on, I started to ponder. I walked outside and heard the fan going, so assumed, perhaps, it was just taking a while to regain its power.

Oooooh, no. That would have been convenient.

Come to find out (August 1st, once the repairman came) that part of our air unit/box/control/technical-termed-thing was fried by lightning. And the two parts that needed to be replaced are not parts he typically carries.


So we are now on day three (and a half) of no air.

It's. Too. Hot.

I know, I shouldn't complain. We've had lots of rain and our heat doesn't begin to compare to others who do have highs in the 100s.

I still feel like complaining.

August 1st Michael and I did our best to keep cool. We played in his baby pool outside, laid around, drank cold water... good stuff.

Michael still thought it was too hot. He would barely nap and barely let me put him down. By the end of the day we were stinky and gross.

We finally gave in and went to buy a fan once the repairman said it could be ten days before a part came. He was so sweet. He came back trying to use old parts he had to give us a temporary fix, but it didn't work.

Why did we have to buy a fan, you ask? After all, our air conditioning broke last summer at our previous place. We should have fans, right?

Right. We do. But they're in Fayetteville. With Clark's family. We assumed our air conditioning wouldn't go out on us this year.

What's the chance of being struck by lightning? HA!

Yesterday we refused to endure the heat (or rather, Clark refused... never mind that Michael and I had to the day before). Out we went to do some payday shopping.

First we went to one "big city" to do some shopping. Clark needed clothes. Come to find out, the store in big city #1 didn't have what he wanted. So we went to big city #2.

On our way home from big city #2, it started to storm. It was storming so badly that we had to get a hotel room for the night because I refused to drive home in the pouring rain, thunder, and lightning on a curvy mountain road when it was getting dark outside. Absolutely refused.

No worries, our animals were safe and sound with food, water, and a fan going the entire time. Apparently it didn't storm that badly at our house, either.

We returned this morning to find everything in tact, including our broken air conditioning. I promise recipes soon... it's just too dang hot to run our oven and risk rising the temperature in our house.

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  1. Our family has the WORST luck with lightning! Anytime it thunders when Maile is playing outside, I snatch her up and bring her right in ... no matter how far away it sounds. I'm not risking it!

    We've gone three times so far, this summer, without AC; I know how it feels. The last time, the thermostat in the house consistently read 91. It. was. awful. And unless she was in a nice cool bath, Maile fussed and fussed and fussed (it was too hot to take her outside). I hope your unit gets fixed soon!