5:00 AM

This was supposed to be a hot apple cider recipe. I bet you're disappointed!

Last night I went in search of our camera to upload the pictures I had taken of this warm-your-soul-and-bones-delicious-drink. Much to my dismay, our camera was nowhere to be found. This seemed odd to me since my husband had cleaned out my car just that morning, and I had recently been in the vehicle to go meet a friend for a walk.

Let's back up.

Tuesday night we got home a little late from exploring. We went to the Great Smokey Mountains, a nice mix up from our typical Blue Ridge viewings. We had seen elk, turkeys, and plenty of pretty landscapes. Michael loved the elk. We got home late, and irresponsibly left just about everything we had with us that day in the car and tumbled into the house to put the little guy to sleep. OK, so late may mean around eight o'clock. Still, it was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence that Clark didn't go back to the car to get our stuff.

Fast forward to that morning. Clark went out to the car to get our things. He came inside and asked if I had been out to the car recently (I got up almost two hours before I dragged him out of bed). I said no.

When Clark had gone to the car, one of the inside lights had been on, CDs were strewn over the driver's seat, and the arm-rest-counsel had been open. He went back out to the car to check if anything else had been taken. We checked everything that had been in the car. Nothing missing except an envelope we kept in the car. Our tithe money (only about $40, but still). I shrugged it off, happy that there had been no damage to the car and that nothing seriously valuable had been stolen.

Boy was I wrong.

Here I was getting ready to put together a fabulous post for you, and it has to be one that is horribly depressing.

My. Camera. Is. Gone.

I went through all our stuff, not even thinking about the camera. I mean, our check book was there with no missing checks. All of Michael's things. The CDs. The climbing gear. The surefire flashlight. The phone chargers. Everything you would THINK someone may try to pocket and pawn off. I wasn't even thinking about our camera. I guess I just assumed Clark had put it away in our camera bag when he brought it in.

Well, it's not in the camera bag. The diaper bag. The Deuter pack. It's not anywhere.

I never quite realized how much my camera meant to me. Well, that's not true. I live for my camera. Clark complains that I take 200 shots of the same thing and then I don't narrow it down enough (which I do so... I usually narrow it down to about 80 if I'm lucky).

So, please forgive me if I'm absent for a while. Sadly I don't have a backup, and it may take a while before I have a new one. I will still be posting recipes and such, they just won't be accompanies by my fabulous photography skills. Filing a police report and all that jazz, so I'll keep you posted.

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