Michael Goes West: Christmas in Iowa

6:00 AM

We were in Fayetteville, NC for two days or so before we hit the road early Dec. 22nd. Our goal was to make it to Iowa the evening of the 23rd (which we did), but it meant two long days of driving. Here's the route we took.

My parents were rather worried about us going through WV. After all, there's usually ALWAYS weather. The funny thing was, it was actually VA that gave us trouble. It was pouring down rain through the entire state... er... the entire part we drove through. West Virginia, on the other hand, was sunny and positively beautiful. When we stopped, I snapped a few shots of Michael and our UHAUL.


We made it to Iowa right on time. I was so excited to get to spend Christmas with my parents, sisters, and niece. It wasn't the same without my brother-in-law, but it was still pretty magical.

We had so much fun. Poor Michael was a little overwhelmed. After being in two hotels, Mimi and Pop's House, Marmee and Papa's House... the morning after Christmas he told us he was ready to go home. We kept playing up our move as, "We're going to the big house!"

He's still a little unsure... but we're making progress!

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