Rearranging pt. 2

8:59 AM

So, moving around the furniture didn't work. Once the TV was moved to a different corner and the couch was facing a differnet way, it just made me more frustrated. It made me realize how atrociously large my couch is and having no complimenting furniture just makes it awkward unless it's facing the ONE WAY we had it to begin with.

I know this makes very little sense without pictures, and I would post pictures if our living room was not a mess.

So, when rearranging the furniture back to it's original state yesterday, I decided we should vacuum in places that more than likely the vacuum doesn't always reach. And, what happens? The vauum broke.

I'm not sure how. Maybe something got jammed, maybe it was just on the outs anyway... who knows. All of a sudden it started making a funny noise, it smelled, and then it just... died. It stopped working. I tried it again to make sure this morning. No luck. Our poor vacuum cleaner is dead... and now that means we have to go get a new one, which I think is more depressing than the death of the one we had.

So, today, with no pilates class to take up some time and no plans with friends, I have decided I'm going to rearrange my office. Hang pictures, move the book shelf... something. I will more than likely post pictures of that later because my office is always the cleanest room in the house. That is, unless you discover me in the middle of a project or some kind of homework where all my books and papers are spread out. Then it's not clean. But today it will be.

I've decided rearranging doesn't really fix anything long-term. It's a quick fix that makes me feel like I've done something. It makes me feel like there's been some change, even if there really hasn't been any. It's okay. At least it gives me something to do.

I would suggest that if you are going to rearrange furniture, find a place for that lamp you just bought, or hang pictures that you've had for awhile and just never got around to, you play some happy-go-lucky music, close the windows to the winter outside, and imagine it's spring time. That may be hard to do if you only have a space heater for a friend, but it's always worth a try.

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