Baby Bullet Magic

9:22 AM

As you know, Michael turned six-months-old yesterday. We seized the opportunity to finally pull our Baby Bullet out of the box and make some pureed foods for him. It was definitely an adventure!

The Baby Bullet makes everything SO much easier. I really can't imagine mixing up apples or sweet potatoes in a blender. I mean... I can... but it just doesn't seem as convenient.

The Baby Bullet comes with several things, such as six jars to store food in as well as a tray that you can put leftovers in and store them in the freezer. It also comes with two different sized "mixers", I suppose you could call them. There's the small cup and the batch bowl. So, when I made the apple I used the small cup because the apple fit perfectly in it. But when I made the sweet potato (no pictures of that... sorry), I used the batch bowl because a sweet potato yielded more than an apple.

Michael always grabs my apple when I'm eating one. He wants to suck on it or lick the juice or whatever. So we assumed that apple would be an excellent first food (other than rice cereal) for him to try. I was so excited. I cut up the apple, boiled it, steamed it for five minutes, and then stuck the pieces in the small cup to the Baby Bullet.

Brought to a boil and then turned down to low and let it steam for around five minutes, until the apples were nice and tender.

Apple slices are in the Baby Bullet with 1/4 C Water (to make it basically like apple sauce. Use less water if you want it to be thicker!)

Getting ready to create some yummy pureed apple!

Success! A nice first Apple Sauce for Michael, 100% natural!

Our of the small cup and into the handy-dandy containers that even let you choose the date! Two went in the fridge and one went into the freezer.

After Michael woke up from his solo hour nap (another milestone for us), I got him ready and we whipped out the newly pureed apple. This is what happened. (Please excuse our currently-disastrous home.)

Now, this is what happened with the sweet potato.

Needless to say the sweet potato was the bigger hit. I'll post a "part two" when he tries some more flavors!

The conclusion is, though, that the Baby Bullet is super easy to use, easy to clean, and all around fantastic! If you would rather take some time out of your day to make 100% natural baby food rather than buy it from the store, I think this is the way to do it!

What were your baby's first favorite foods?

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  1. This was absolutely adorable. I LOVED the play-by-play pictures of his reactions.

    I'm so glad you reviewed this. Every time I see this at Bed Bath and Beyond I fantasize about how I want to make my own baby food. However, I have the original Magic Bullet and haven't been all too impressed with it. Figured the baby version would be the same way. Guess not. Now I'll definitely need to invest in one of these for when the time comes. Please keep posting new flavors and how-tos! Very inspiring!