Six Months Old!

2:41 PM

Today Michael is six months old! I can barely believe it.

His checkup is next week, but standing on the scale with him, Michael is somewhere around 15 pounds! Our guess is he's somewhere between 23 and 24 inches, too, but I'll post the true details once he's had his doc appointment.

Michael is a moving machine. While he still really doesn't prefer to roll any way, he is scooting to get to everything! He's not just scooting in circles these days, either. He has learned to move forwards and backwards (he prefers the latter).

Just about anything he can get his hands on is his favorite toy. Michael is obsessed with cell phones, all of his toys, MaMa's Camelback water bottle, and so much more. He also LOVES the color orange and is really starting to love his small stuffed Tigger.

Michael is starting to "talk". He makes noises that sound very close to "No" and "Dada". Two very important words, I'm sure! He loves squealing, shrieking, talking, laughing... anything involving noise, basically!

He is still thoroughly enjoying his Banana Rice Cereal and is interested in trying other foods. Today we made pureed apple... but that wasn't such a hit. Later we're going to try Sweet Potato!

Right now we're working on Michael's sleep schedule. Today was a true success when he took an hour nap by himself!

He's still sleeping with us at night, and sleeps on our bed during the day (as you can see), but it's all a process! When he's ready, I know he'll sleep soundly in his crib!

Last but not least, Michael loves three other things: bath time, being outside, and his sling. They are probably his absolute favorite things right now. Nothing excites him more than being outdoors, splashing in the tub, or cuddling up to MaMa while in his sling.

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