M.I.C.: The Proposal

11:14 AM

Clark proposed September 4, 2007. This was right after we had a weekend trip with Clark's family and right before we met them to celebrate his Mom's birthday.

We were hanging out in my dorm room watching Aladdin. Somewhere along the way his ex-girlfriend called and just upset our evening. I answered the phone and she said she was just calling to tell Clark she ran into his family. I told her she needed to stop calling. She said put Clark on the phone.

I handed the phone to Clark and he got all upset. Told her she needed to never call him again, and apparently she went on a rant about how he's just in another relationship where he's going to be controlled and be taken advantage of.

She definitely knew how to get to him.

He got off the phone and was clearly upset. Then I got upset because I thought he was emotional because he still had feelings for her.

It just got all messed up.

We started the movie again, not wanting to get all in a tizzy with each other. After all, that's what she wanted.

Then it got to the balcony scene in Aladdin.

Clark paused it and I asked him what he was doing. He told me to close my eyes.

"Why?" I asked.

"Do you trust me?" He grinned.

I nodded and closed my eyes. Then my computer started playing "Elephant Love Medley" from Moulin Rouge (the movie we watched together the first time he kissed me). I kind of had a feeling what was going on, since we had been talking so much about getting married, but I just let it play out.

"Ok, open your eyes."

I did so and saw Clark in front of me on one knee.

"Emi, you're the love of my life. I don't want to be with anyone else. Already you've been there for me through everything and I just didn't see it, and I'm so thankful I wasn't too late. Will you marry me?"

By now I was crying and blubbered yes. It was the cutest proposal to me, but Clark, after a few months of being married, shared how he had originally planned it.

Our fall break was in mid-October. Clark had already bought us theatre tickets to see Wicked in New York (my favorite musical that I didn't get to see until years later). Our college had a place specifically for students, and he had called ahead and already reserved us a private room, which was hard to get I guess. He planned on taking me around the city, then to dinner and the musical, and carriage ride, and then he was going to propose.

He planned the classic engagement. The one every girl wants. But in the end, I really prefer ours.

Clark and I always did things differently. We only dated for about four months before he proposed. We only dated three months before he flew out to be my date at my sister's wedding.

We just... we knew.

The fact that his proposal was impromptu and spontaneous pretty much set the stage for the beginning of our marriage, but it just made it that much more adventurous.

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