Starting Solids

8:30 AM

So, Michael's been trying out some new solids! Post to come about making homemade rice cereal and how impossible it is.

As you know, he tried homemade applesauce and sweet potatoes. Once we started adding cinnamon to the applesauce, he absolutely loved it. Other flavors he's tried?


Because my avocado was so ripe I only used 1/8 C water with it, not the usual 1/4 C.


Use one whole pear and 1/4 C of water or less if the pear is really ripe.

(You can't really tell from the pictures, but he loved it. This last one is him trying to get a drop off of his tray.)

Homemade rice cereal
(as I said, specific post to come).

Mixed Fruit (apple and banana) Oatmeal Cereal (made by Beech Nut).

His favorite is still sweet potatoes, though. No matter what we try, he still gets the most excited when he takes a bite of sweet potatoes. What's he trying next? Butternut Squash and Banana by itself. Yummmm.

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