18 Months + Waffle Cookie Recipe

6:00 AM

Michael is 18 months old today! When did this happen? When did the itty-bitty baby we brought home from the hospital who had to have weight checks turn into a booming toddler with an appetite? I would certainly like someone to tell me! I know, I know. This is just the beginning of experiencing how quickly time goes by.

While Michael is still a picky eater, his palate has expanded somewhat. Michael's favorite foods right now are: cheese, Plum squeezable pouches, strawberries, applesauce, and all sorts of bread. I'm trying desperately to get him to eat new things. The other night we tried tomatoes... but no such luck. And, as you may recall from a certain Friday's Letters, his absolute favorite thing is homemade mac&cheese and green beans. At least I know there's one vegetable he'll eat! He has taken an interest in carrots but I still need to figure out the best way to cook them. He really wants them raw, but he's not quite old enough/ready to eat them like that.

Ballons, or "boons" as Michael calls them, are one of Michael's favorite things. The only reason he loves going to the grocery store is because when we first walk in there's a huge
display of balloons. It keeps him happy until we hit the baby aisle and buy a "smoothie" (pouch). The picture is from a day we went to the park and stumbled upon a birthday party coming to an end. Michael ran up and started saying "boons" and the mom was kind enough to give him two of them.

Other new words for Michael: "eh-mo" (Elmo), "bow-balls" (snow balls), "we-ow" (meow), "church" (the "r" gets a little lost but otherwise this one is very clear), "dance"... and I'm sure there are more. He's working on saying "teeth" and "fish" but the "th" and "sh" sounds always seem to come first. It's adorable, but it really seems to be frustrating Michael. I'm hoping he can get it soon (for his sake as much as my own)!

I promise you're really close to the waffle cookie recipe!

Brushing Michael's teeth is the biggest battle. Don't be fooled by this picture. He loves to take the toothbrush, suck off any toothpaste that may be on there, and then slide the toothbrush around his mouth a few times and call that brushing. For whatever reason he hates having the front teeth brushed, so I end up having to "torture" him and do it for him. I'm hoping this will get easier as he gets older.

Although Michael's sleep schedule has been a little off these past few days, he is still napping consistently in his own bed. He even leads me to his bed in extreme circumstances of exhaustion! It's so exciting to me. I haven't started night-time transition because I know it's going to be way harder, but it's coming.

More than anything, Michael loves quality time with his Dada.

Being outside (especially if there's snow).

And... (what you've been waiting for)....

Waffle Cookies


- 2/3 c flour
- 1/2 tsp baking powder
- 1/2 tsp cinnamon
- 1/8 tsp salt
- 1/4 c butter, softened
- 1/4 c sugar
- 1 egg
- 1/2 tsp vanilla
- 1 tbsp maple syrup


- Cream together the butter and sugar.
- Add the egg, syrup, an vanilla. Gradually add your dry ingredients (you don't have to premix them).
- Heat your waffle iron to the medium to medium-high heat setting. Make sure to coat it with cooking spray or butter every time!
- Drop about 1 tbsp of batter in each "square". Make sure they're semi spread out!
- Cook for about two minutes/ until golden *If they really brown it's ok they're just a little crunchier.*
- Sprinkle with powdered sugar or I think I cinnamon/sugar mix would taste good, too!

Easy and super delicious, especially for breakfast/waffle lovers!

Inspiration for this recipe came from Crazy About Cookies! For more Michael updates make sure to watch Friday's Letters.

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